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Gear cutting

For more than 50 years we are known for innovation and quality. In lots of areas of applications, Ott quality has prevailed.

Worm gears

In addition to the Ott worm gears, we also manufacture Standard worm gears, Duplex worm gears and special design worm gears.

Complete manufacturing

We manufacture your geared parts completely, including material procurement, mechanical machining, heat treatment including test certificates etc.

The Company

Our company has occupied itself with gearing for 60 years. The profile of our areas of expertise has been 
further honed through constant pioneering development. Our customers, innovative designers and excellent 
employees are the engine for our constant growth. Almost 200 employees today supply the domestic and international markets with OTT gear technology.

Quality Management ISO 9001:2015

"Quality is when the customer comes back, not the product.“ We have a fully air-conditioned measurement facilities 
in which our quality standards are constantly tested. If required, our gears can be delivered with a compre
hensive test report.

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