OTT worm gears

Patented high-precision worm gears

The OTT worm gear is a patented high-precision 
worm gear set where the backlash can be set and 
adjusted. All OTT worm gears are manufactured to 
the highest quality.

The worm gear is comprised of a pinion gear shaft 
and ring gear. The backlash is adjusted by turning 
or moving the pinion gear relative to the ring gear.

Contact person:
Mr. Fäller
+49 74 71 / 705-113

Due to the height of the tooth there is a significantly
larger contact ratio than with a normal worm gear. 
This results in greater power transmission with great 
component accuracy.

The OTT-MATIC is another refinement of the OTT worm gear. The backlash can be adjusted 
by moving the ring gear axially relative to the pinion 
gear during rotation.

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